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Smart home technology is no longer just a desired upgrade; it’s an essential part of any new build or extension. Gone are the days of arriving home to a quiet, cold house — now our customers expect to return home to a warm house with closed curtains, lights on and the bath running! It is now possible to play music and TV in any room of the house, and switch the oven on or lock the front door with voice control. It is even possible to see who’s at your front door while you are on holiday — all from the comfort of a sun lounger. These incredible functions can all be facilitated from just one app on your phone.

Research shows people would spend more money on a property with the latest technology, and products that used to be considered luxury items within a home are now essentials for today’s families. We are all more dependent on technology than ever before — we expect to be connected at all times. Consumers are realising the long-term benefits of a connected home, such as convenience and saving energy.

Smart home technology is infinitely customisable, so there are options to suit every need. Our experienced team is trained to find an option to suit ever customer’s need, connecting clients to their homes while saving money and energy. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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