Garages can often be wasted spaces full of clutter waiting to be sorted through. If you feel you need more living space in your home then a garage conversion could be the ideal solution. Here are a few things to consider when looking into a garage conversion.

1) What will the extra space be used for?

Would the extra space be ideal for a playroom, office, an extra living room or a kitchen extension? Plan how much space the furniture you need in the room would take and how it could be laid out. You also need to consider if you want to convert the whole garage space or do you still want to keep a small part of the garage to store things like the lawnmower, gardening tools, some storage etc.

2) Do your research

Is there any of your neighbours that have had their garage converted? Can you go and have a look and get ideas as to how yours would be? Is there any advice they can give you as to what went well and what they would change if they did it again?

3) Heating

Garages can be dark, cold places so consideration needs to be given about keeping the new room warm. Will you be insulating the walls? What about heating? Plan how and where you can put a radiator or maybe to save space you would prefer underfloor heating.

4) Lighting

As mentioned before garages are often dark places so this needs to be thought about when looking at a garage conversion. If the garage is on the front of the property then a window would help to bring light into the new room. If the garage is single story then skylights may be a great idea. Another option is if the garage faces the garden then maybe you could plan for floor to ceiling windows or bi-folding doors to make the room light and feel more spacious.

5) Sockets

Once you plan the layout of the garage conversion give some consideration to sockets and where they would be best placed. Think about items that you need to have plugged in and then where the item will normally be situated. For example will there be a TV in the room and therefore where will it be plugged in? Will you be sat on the sofa and want to be able to charge your phone but still have it with you to use? If the conversion is going to be an office then where will the desks be situated and how many plugs will you need? Will you need to plug in just a laptop or will you need a plug for a laptop, screen, printer, desk light etc. If you are spending time and money converting a garage you want it to be convenient to use.

Want to know more?

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